Mini prints of my paintings! The squares are all 5 x 5 inches, and any rectangular work will be 5 inches tall. You can select the ones you want from the dropdown menu, and if you buy 3 or more, a discount is applied to each print at the checkout!

- Mini Print Design -

Bathing In Dreams, Blueberry Heaven, Raspberry Heaven, A Year of Tea, An Era of Party, Breakfast At The Carter's, Buttering Up, Donuts, Fuel, Gelato, Glow Getter, Halloween Coffee, Honey Lemon Chai Tea, Ideas Over Coffee, Lemons, Strawbs & Tea, Magic of a Dressing Table, Milk Lemon, Morning Tea, Plant Magic, Sea of Seagulls, Tarot Tea, Tea – A Drink With Jam & Bread, Tealight Lime Coffee, The Floor Is Lava, Tomato Jars


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