About The Artist

My name is Lily-Rose Burgess, and I am an artist.

I have been creating art, really for as long as I can remember! I have distinct memories of drawing all the time as a child. Now, at 23 years old after a few wrong turns career-wise, I have found my path in colourful, nostalgic still life compositions that are enhanced by the magic of oil paint.  My work draws from personal experiences and memories, and I bring beauty and life to objects that are often overlooked due to their mundane nature. 

I spend every spare moment of my busy life in Melbourne Australia, doing what I can to improve my practice and learn all I can from others. I work full time as an artist and spend every day living my dream in the studio with a cup of coffee, my cats and my paints.

Painting is my escape from reality as well as my acceptance of it, and I hope my works bring you the same amount of joy and sense of ‘home’ as they bring me.