“Blast From The Past”

Oil painting on Wood panel

Size: 12 x 12 inches

Brand: Blue Ridge Oils; M Graham

You’re getting ready for school. You grab your grape Fanta lip balm as you walk out the door, and put some on before getting on the bus – because you’re cool, obviously. You sit next to your friend and both of you have your tamagotchis in your backpacks – a little friend for you to take care of. You both giggle and say how much you love it, only to immediately forget about it and let it perish.

At school, you have library time that day so you go straight to the goosebumps section and pick out the ones with the coolest front covers.There are so many that you can’t be expected to choose just one, so you take three instead. By the time library time is over you have already finished one, and you are scared to step off your chair. But it’s a good kind of fear – exhilarating; tentative, and you know it isn’t real.

You put the other books in your backpack to read when you get home. After a long day and a bus ride home, you dump your things onto your desk. You get to play the PS2. And what other game to play than Shrek the third, or orbs of doom? The controller fits so snuggly in your hands, the iconic PlayStation music starts, opening up a world where your imagination runs wild and your memory takes note of iconic, nostalgic moments that you will remember forever.

You have no idea how life will change. The things you will go through and your change in priorities. But you will always remember the little moments from your childhood, where the simplest things formed such a vital part of you.

Before you go to sleep, you open up your pack of lip balms again and try all the flavours because they’re delicious – coke, vanilla coke, grape Fanta, orange Fanta, cherry coke – wiping off each one after you put it on. Nobody is watching, so you try a nibble. Just a little bite. You can’t help it after all

*Please allow up to 2.5 weeks for shipping, as some of the paintings in this collection need more time to dry prior to varnishing*


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