I can’t describe how happy the smell of chamomile makes me, when I lean over the cup just before I take a sip. The flavour feels like it washes over you – and with that a sense of calm and inner peace. It shocks me that such a little innocent looking flower can have such power on the mind. It is the perfect drink for bedtime, I feel relaxed and sleepy as soon as it touches my lips. Not to mention, the flowers are adorable in their own right.

I have wanted to paint this painting for so long. I wanted to bring this sense of calm to everyone who sees this painting – the colour palette alone here makes me stop and gaze upon it, it is so fresh and embracing, like a warm hug ~

“Chamomile Dream”

Oil painting on linen

Size: 24 x 24 inches

Brand: Blue Ridge Oils; M Graham


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