Had a blast painting this cute jelly today while it stormed outside ❤️ I found the reference photo under #foodpaintchallenge hosted by Alai and Dennis, and couldn’t resist painting it!

When I was young, I was CRAZY about Jelly. my Nana Rose used to make it for me in Port Wine, Orange and Lime flavour and I’d have it all in a bowl with ice-cream. It’s really funny how seeing something can take you so deep back into your memories – I love doing that with my paintings – painting objects or scenes that take me back to memories of fond times in my childhood, or the feelings I felt at the time. When I look at this jelly I can actually see the three special bowls Nana used to make the jelly in, in front of me. I think that’s pretty spesh ✨✨❤️?

“Memory Jelly”

Oil Painting on Wood Panel

Size: 10 x 10″

Will be coated in varnish when fully dry ❤️❤️


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