“Let’s Go To The Movies”

Oil painting on wood panel

Size: 10 x 10 inches

Brand: Blue Ridge Oils; M Graham

Growing up, I didn’t have a cinema super close by, as I lived in a small country town. The nearest one was an hour away, so it was a rare but special occasion to make the trip and go to the cinema.

The smell of popcorn catapults me back into those memories – the excitement of the new movies that everyone talked about in school, the grandeur of the area where you can pick and choose all the lollies you include in your bag, the slushie machines, the cinematic moody lighting that has everyone abuzz.

You may be wondering why I included a moka pot – why I paint them a lot these days. I have come to think of them as a symbol of me, now. By painting something inspired by a memory and including a moka pot, I feel like I am placing my current self back in the memory. It feels very full circle to think of it that way. Like I am going back and hugging my inner child.

*Please allow up to 2.5 weeks for shipping, as some of the paintings in this collection need more time to dry prior to varnishing*


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