This painting was so much fun to paint. I held the panel in my hand and watched a show while I did it! I decided to try two scary things:

1. Painting on a small panel with a big brush. I used a size 7.

2. Painting raspberries in the first place!

I’ve always found raspberries to be an extremely intimidating subject because, well, they look complicated! here’s do many surfaces to them. But part of being a painter is learning to simplify what you paint as much as you need to, and I think I did that with this painting so I’m really happy with it. I also am just obsessed with raspberries. As I always say, the fact that raspberries are cheap during the summer is actually the only thing I like about summer ?????

“Raspberry Heaven”

Oil Painting on Wood Panel

Size: 4 x 5″

Will be coated in varnish when fully dry ?✨??


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