The Nano”

Oil painting on wood panel

Size: 6 x 6 inches

Brand: Blue Ridge Oils; M Graham

We all had one didn’t we? I am convinced that owning one of these as a young teen transformed the importance of music in my current life and art practice. I rarely make art without music playing – it keeps me energized and really puts me in the mood to paint and channel my creativity.

I remember getting on the school bus with my earphones in, and watching the landscape race by while my mind drifted away to what I would do after school and what I would make. These nano’s were all the rage – they were the first ones to have some good games on there. I used to play the games with friends who would sit next to me when they got on, and the time would always fly to get to school. The nano was my first real device that fed me music and I am grateful to it for starting a habit and a passion of listening. It all ties in with the nature of observing – not only observing the visual world around you, but also the musical one through listening and being present.

*Please allow up to 2.5 weeks for shipping, as some of the paintings in this collection need more time to dry prior to varnishing*


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