There is a story behind this juice painting. My day job is very challenging, and sorta recently a little cafe opened up right nextdoor called Timeless.

The staff who run it are simply the best. Every time I go in there I have a wonderfully positive experience, both food & coffee – wise, but also the whole vibe. it’s cute, it’s friendly, it’s bright and it’s a refreshing addition to the street!

One time I went in there, and they asked if I wanted a juice. To my surprise, they said they would make whatever juice I wanted, and I was over the moon when they told me they could make me a watermelon & mint juice, fresh ?? It was the best, so of course I snapped a pic of it in it’s cute little glass ???? so here is my tribute to Timeless ❤️

“Watermelon & Mint Juice is Timeless”

Oil Painting on Wood Panel

Size: 10 x 10″

Will be coated in varnish when fully dry ?❤️?


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